Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of these kind of posts, been a while since the last one.

Exams are a big part of your education unless you’re lucky to take a course that has no exams…hate them people (Jokes :P).

At University you are almost guaranteed to have less exams! That is for sure. You are very likely to have January season exams whereas at college, at least now, all exams are sat in the summer. I was lucky to be, I think, the final year allowed to sit January exams when taking A levels :L

Unfortunatley, most University exams are really long. Mine are all between 2-3 hours long. You will be surprised at how quickly that time goes. So you have less exams but longer ones, you might not know and this was certainly new for me, but you can actually leave the exam within a certain time period. You have to be there for the first like 15 minutes or so, and you are not allowed to leave 15 minutes before but anytime inbetween you can (Not sure about the exact times, but it depends on the length of the exam in the first place).

My experiences of exams at University for my first year have actually been good! In January I had one 3 hour exam, as my optional module consisted of 3 exams throughout the 1st semester (like midterms I believe). So, I think I had like 6 weeks to revise for it! I was pretty confident going into it….(not trying to sound cocky)….I am surprised at myself for not getting so stressed. If you recall from my posts related to stress that I am most certainly a stressful person when it comes to exams however I was not! It was definitely weird, although I cannot complain!

I think the thing to remember is the exams in your first year are there mainly to settle you in to Uni life, and to get you all up to the same level of knowledge as you will all have different backgrounds in that field.

When you go to University and you are about to sit exams, or you find out when they are, plan ahead. Most University courses are designed to be easily split down into smaller sections. For example, most of my modules were taken by 3 different lecturers on a different topic and so when revising for that exam. I could just learn 1 lecturers work, understand that before moving on. Planning ahead (a.k.a revision) allowed me to cover all the topics at a nice steady pace!

So, in summary… less but longer exams, its not all bad because they are only in the field you opted for. Try not to worry, they wont kill you as it’s only first year. Revision should be easy because the modules could be broken down into smaller separate sections.

Leave a comment to tell me about your experience of exams! What do you think of them? Do you prefer alternative methods of examination? Do you worry about them?

Hope it helps

Bye 😀


Recipe #1 – Calzone’s/ Pizza’s

Hey Guys,

A few days ago I made Calzone’s with my friend. So, I thought I would make a post for it and show you guys how to make them! (It’s really easy, just fold the pizza in half….. but let’s make a long post about it! :O yay!)

So, the ingredients…

IngredientsFor the dough;

225 g plain strong flour

90 mL milk*

50 mL water*

1 sachet yeast

25 mL olive oil

A pinch of salt

* The milk and the water, should technically be at room temperature, I don’t believe we allowed this to happen but it made no difference to our food!

For the filling;

Add whatever you want for the filling. We opted for mild cheddar cheese, a lloyd grossmon tomato and basil sauce thickened up with some tomato purée. We also added some chicken tikka, oven baked ham, and salami meat.

Addition of yeast, water, milk mix to flour


Step 1: Sieve the flour into a bowl, and in another bowl, mix together the water, the milk, and the yeast. Once done, make a well in the flour and add the mixture to the flour.




Dough after addition

Step 2: Mix well and try to get as much air into the mixture as possible. Once you see the result in the picture to the left, flour the work surface and knead the dough for 5-10 minutes getting as much air in as possible. Whilst kneading the dough add the olive oil to the dough, just drizzle it on a bit at a time.




Step 3: After kneading the dough, return to the bowl (means less dishes when washing up :L), cover with clingfilm or a damp towel and put somewhere warm (we opted for the microwave as there was no room anywhere else). Leave for about 1-2 hours to rise, here are the before and after pictures;

Dough side by sideStep 4: Add a pinch of salt, and knead the dough for a further 5 minutes. You then cut the dough up into smaller pieces, for reasonably sized calzones I would suggest 3 pieces. You can allow these to rise again if you wish, we did not. Also preheat oven to gas mark 8.

Step 5: Roll out the smaller pieces of dough and place on a baking sheet that is lightly floured so they can be removed easily. Leaving an edge, fill one half of your calzone with all your toppings, wet the edge and then fold over the empty half to stick. The dough should be thick enough so that the filling does not burst out, but not too thick that you cannot put a lot of filling in. If you are just doing a pizza just cover all the top with your filling. Place in the oven for about 8-12 minutes until golden. The calzone should be hard like a brick and not soft still. Leave to cool slightly and then enjoy 😀

Finished Calzone Inside Calzone Pizza

And that is how you make calzone’s and pizza’s, they were delicious! All of the ingredients were bought for under £10, we chose to buy them at Tesco. There are other alternative stores where this can all be bought. When buying the ingredients we tried to get the cheapest items with the best quality. There was also some flour left over, enough to repeat this recipe a few more times.

See you soon!

Weekly Update – 14th July! Best week yet of the summer holiday! :D

Hey Everyone,

This week at work, nothing has greatly happened there. However this week I thought about maybe making some videos for YouTube, suggested by some friends, about Uni (things on this blog), life issues and like challenges. It’s not all sorted, and I am just trying it all out with the editing aspect and trying to film some decent videos and a few of them so I can upload them whilst at University and not need to worry.

I will let you know when and if I do upload videos, I have some reasons why I am unsure about doing this (which is actually part of a future post I want to write), but keep reading and I am sure I will be!

Also, I learnt if you want a temporary fire for a BBQ, put some marshmallows on the fire, it will create a big flame!!!!! (I had a BBQ :L)

And finally, I made calzones! 😀 I have a friend who is going University this September and I am ‘teaching’ her to make different foods, not neccessarily healthy but maybe something from scratch, batch foods, fun foods and cake! (cake gets its own mention). So I am going to be posting any meals I cook, start something new on here.

So on my blog there will be;

– Experiences through Uni (my first year)

– Weekly Updates

– Recipes

– Life issues

– (Starting Soon) Updates on Uni when I start 2nd Year

– And maybe YouTube videos 😉 we will see!

I will be posting the first recipe blog either tonight or tomorrow so keep a look out for that!

See you soon 🙂


No more peer pressure! :O

Hey people!

As I said before in a previous post, coming to University meant I tried new things; alcohol, clubbing… not sleeping 😛

I was worried about this because most (not all) people I would be meeting have at least tried this. Therefore, it was possible that I might have been pressured into trying these new things.

Thankfully, I was not peer pressured into these things as I thought I would have been. Which is weird but I was very glad.

A few days after starting Uni, I found myself trying some cider. People were confused as to why I did not drink, I said I personally did not want to because I was never exposed to it via family, and well it was something I just never considered in life.

The reason why I decided to try some cider, was I felt that, as I was around new people who were really understanding of my ‘lack of experience’ and they were not forcing upon me, which I respected!.

With the clubbing situation I was more nervous about. Maybe because of that awkward feeling of expressing oneself through the form of ‘intoxicated dance’ ( I say intoxicated because sometimes when I went out I had little to drink ) and sometimes just ‘dance’. My flatmates made me feel comfortable though and said we would stay in a group. I prefer going with friends to have a good time and enjoy ourselves!

To this day, my alcohol tolerance is very low (I am a lightweight) which is very good as I do not have to spend a lot of money (#studentbudget). To clarify, I don’t drink alcohol like its water, I actually rarely drink, only when going out, and I do not do that often! But I reach a point where my brain tells me to just not drink anymore, so I don’t.

This is just me telling you how I am surprised at people, I felt that this topic of alcohol would be a great source of people being ‘egged on’ to drink, but it wasn’t! People can be peer pressured, not into what I have talked about, but a lot of things, drugs and smoking to name a few examples.

You guys might get pressured into things so let me know about your experiences of peer pressure, and how you dealt withit! I hope that if you are soon to be a fresher, that your new friends respect you.

See you around 🙂


Weekly Update – 7th July 2014

Hey there everyone,

Figured I would write weekly ones as well, this will definitely keep me in the habit of doing these updates. With these I was thinking of just writing a bit about each day and then post it at the end of the week! Tell me what you think 🙂

The start of this week has not been the best to say the least! Came into labs after little sleep having been up all night researching, to find out I am not doing anything in the lab but more research (I am actually writing this bit instead of doing said research). Been looking at writing my introduction as my supervisor would like my paper to be published! For a first/ second year undergraduate (don’t know what I am called now…) to have your paper published is amazing and a huge deal! I have to find a ‘market / selling point’ for the idea we have. Thing is most papers are done over a long period of time of research and experimentation, like a year perhaps?! I have 6 weeks, to complete the experiments, write up the paper and get it published! :O how on Earth is this even possible. So yea, I am currently doing more research but I hope to be doing some microscopy soon, I will try and put up some of the pictures from that because they should hopefully look really cool!

Okay, so the microscopy is amazing! At first I was just getting used to it, on a normal one, because I have not done it in 2 years (I should point out that the microscopes I am using are not ones in schools, anyone can use them, these ones are high powered, fluorescence (hate spelling that word :@ ) microscopes worth a minimum of £80,000 upwards!), I took some images for practice before using the confocal microscope!

The confocal microscope take images of each layer depending on the thickness of the sample, and compresses the image. The samples were stained with a dye for visual help. I want to put some images to show you guys but the file is in a different format that cannot be converted. Just imagine a black screen with some green of different intensities in a nice pattern….

As I feel bad for not giving an image….here is an image that is mine, I took this 2 years ago. Basically its a bunch of cells (fibroblast cells), that has 3 stains in it which show green, blue and red (appears yellow here), image taken in each of the dyes and then compressed together to give below!

Stained Fibroblast cells, 3 images compressed together.

So aside from work, I did actually have fun…..granted not much in comparison to the amount of work done but I went to see ‘How to train your dragon 2‘!!!!!! It was amazing so good, if you have not seen the first one then see it and then see this one! For an animated film (targeted at young children) I loved it! I absolutely love DreamWorks and Disney films, I think I am still a big kid at heart! OMG, I might do a post on the best films ever! Maybe not, could be a lot of hate there….

But watching this film reminded me of the whole Disney theory, that actually all Disney movies are linked together in some way. I am not fully aware of the theory, or if it is true, or if its Disney just playing on the hardcore Disney fans but I think it’s really weird.

You must see ‘How to train your dragon 2‘ though, just go and see it!

I also went to play Bingo, with one of my best friends ever and my mum (it was her birthday), it was my first time going and I was told that all first timers win…..I was really excited to win (as a student the appeal of winning money is great) however it was not my luck! I was disappointed but nevertheless I had a great night! Well worth going for the experience!

Anyway, as I am finishing this post, instead of working, I need to get back to my work! Sorry for the images not working, or the ones I wanted to put up, feel bad.

Hope you liked this weekly update! If you like it please let me know, and if you want me to do more! Hopefully next week is more interesting….? :/

See you soon 😀



Hello again!

Sorry about last week…..do not know what happened!

Anyway I want to share with you my freshers experience! It was very unusual and a bit scary, but fun…..it was weird.

So I moved in successfully, I found out that my flatmates who I met on a facebook group my halls, would not be moving in till 3 days after I had. I wanted to get away from home and just get there I was so excited.

There was a group of us, dotted around the halls, who were all on our own for the first few days so we decided to hang out and meet each other, make friends and see how it all goes. Now, let me point something out, up till now I have never tasted alcohol or been to a club! So we all sat in a cubicle thing, there was about 10 of us and everyone had pints of beers and lagers and there was me, the odd one out who had a can of tango cherry…….If you saw the scene it would have made you laugh, it was something that definitely broke the ice at any rate.

Things progressed for myself personally, I decided to try…..a half pint of pear cider, I thought, look its going to happen at some point and I’m with a few people here who are aware I am not much for the idea of alcohol. Anyway, I was actually scared, I decided to give half the half pint to my friend and then put a can of coca-cola in the quarter pint. I’m not sure why I did this, I think its because I wanted to dilute the 4% of alcohol even further. But I do have to say….IT TASTED NICE! People did not believe me but it really did!

During the day, I did not really do much, explore parts of the town around the Uni, I think I walked down oxford road which is one LONG STRAIGHT road with a few mates to see the place, it runs from what is known as the ‘curry mile’ (that is the actual street name just so you know) all the way to the arndale! Its a good 40 minute walk. I also did not eat anything apart from 2 pot noodles in the 3 days I was there alone for fear of burning the flat down. I am someone who can cook, yet I for some reason had a fear that I would destroy the place if I used more than the kettle. I did not even use the microwave :S

So my flatmates soon arrived, it was really chilled and not stressful for them, or awkward for any of us, we really broke the ice! That night we all went to the pub with a few others it was truly great. Then the official freshers started. I decided after my coke and cider (which made me hyper, I was told I was skipping the way back home) I would not drink for a while, and so my flatmates and I bought the freshers tickets and went out, I had never been clubbing before and to this day my ‘dance moves’ are mediocre at best, so I just ended copying my mate standing opposite me, there were different nights out and you experienced different places which was nice. By the end of it all, after 5 nights out in a row, I think I managed the whole clubbing scene!

Also the people I met before my flatmates I barely spoke to after, only kept in touch with one because were both studying the same thing! So to you, I would say try it, at least you can then say if you do like it or not. Alcohol is a subject I am not going to really touch on ‘what you should do’ it’s your decision, some people simply don’t want to for personal/ religious reasons, others do! Just be careful no matter what, try and have a good time and mix with lots of people. It is likely that you will not see some of those people again so do not fret!

Hope your freshers, when it comes is just as good!

See you soon!

What on Earth! :O

This is more of an apology than a post….

Really sorry for the lack of posts and the last one on things you should take to Uni, I just read it and realised how bad it was! I think I didn’t want to make a list and instead ending up just saying ‘clothes and stuff…’. It was terrible so my apologies.

I am going to do some recent one’s about my research or my week to get me in the habit of doing weekly updates which could work or not, but fear not I shall still try and do life posts and continue the one’s about my first year!

Please leave a comment on what you would like to see. It would be really appreciated and probably give me more confidence in my posts. And if a post is rubbish do tell me…but in a nice way…like ‘today was not your day’ or something like that….I’m waffling again…and I am gonna go before I embarrass myself even more….I’M SORRY!!!! 😦