It’s been a while…

Hey Guys,

So….I only just realised but it has been like almost a month since I last posted…..thats not good! I would say I have been too busy to spare 30 minutes here and there to write some posts but the truth is I havent been overly busy! My bad! haha

Although, a lot has happened in the last month, I have finished my research at the lab. I am currently writing the report for it which is annoying and stressful, mostly because I had no idea of what was going on! But I think thats the same with most research…..but I hope that it will be out of the way before 2nd year! :/

I went away for a week, it was only Wales….but I think it was good to just get away and spend time with friends, relax and not have to worry about anything. The amount of time spent on Pokémon was probably too much but it was soooo good :L (and yes! I love Pokémon! I grew up with it so…..thats my valid excuse)

I have also moved into my new place at University!!!!! Its so good! My room is like 3 times bigger compared to my University halls and im not paying anywhere near what I was for the tiny room that I did have! I have to say though, do not sign a contract for a house where the house was not lived in by anyone the previous year….so by that I mean that there were no occupants before me and my mates moved in here. The rooms have the old damp smell that accumulates because it has not been lived in, its a smell thats getting on my clothes which is not good! So most of my time since moving in has been spent trying to get rid of that and it wasn’t the cleanest of places, lots of dust…..PLUS THE SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!! I have already located 5 spiders that seem undisturbed, thankfully not in my room. Did however see the biggest spider I have probably ever seen in my life (not including the zoo…), you could see its legs from a distance it was that big…..anyway that spider is no longer with us (sorry spider lovers, but it had to go).

So yea, a lot has happened but not a lot has happened at the same time! Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to get back into posting more regurlary, it is sometimes difficult to write posts but I thankfully have the recipe posts I can always do so I should have no excuse! 😀 😀 😀

Anyway im going to go now….and my next post will actually be a recipe one :L


See ya!


Weekly Update – 21st July – It’s happening!!!!! :)

Hey Guys!

I just checked today and in total I have had 200 visitors to my blog, as of this post! And tomorrow it will be 1 month since I started it. I would just like to say, whilst it is difficult to post on a more regular basis, sometimes you get bunches of posts from me in one go then none for a week! I really do appreciate all the support and people taking their time to look at my blog. So thank you x

This weekend is big for me! I think I said my last one was but this is definitely bigger! Last time I mentioned about starting a YouTube channel and that I was trying to film some videos. They did not go too great! I feel like I could have done them better and didn’t really plan them. People say you grow when doing videos and get better as time goes on which I hope will happen. However as I am anxious about doing it I feel like if I can get a decent video as my first it might make me feel more confident about continuing it all! So tomorrow I am filming….again….and hopefully, fingers crossed, it shall go better! I think it will 🙂

I have 2 new posts (apart from this one) coming up over the next week. The first one is another recipe which should be posted Sunday or Monday. The second is my self confidence post which should go up the middle of next week. I have been holding back on that one a little because I want to make sure its right :L

So far this week, I have actually progressed with labs, doing some new techniques for my project. I also went up to Manchester to move some things into my new place! Soon I shall be moving back up there which I am really looking forward to!

Anyway thats it for this one, I shall see you in a few days with another post 🙂

Thanks for the support! Bye x

Weekly Update – 14th July! Best week yet of the summer holiday! :D

Hey Everyone,

This week at work, nothing has greatly happened there. However this week I thought about maybe making some videos for YouTube, suggested by some friends, about Uni (things on this blog), life issues and like challenges. It’s not all sorted, and I am just trying it all out with the editing aspect and trying to film some decent videos and a few of them so I can upload them whilst at University and not need to worry.

I will let you know when and if I do upload videos, I have some reasons why I am unsure about doing this (which is actually part of a future post I want to write), but keep reading and I am sure I will be!

Also, I learnt if you want a temporary fire for a BBQ, put some marshmallows on the fire, it will create a big flame!!!!! (I had a BBQ :L)

And finally, I made calzones! 😀 I have a friend who is going University this September and I am ‘teaching’ her to make different foods, not neccessarily healthy but maybe something from scratch, batch foods, fun foods and cake! (cake gets its own mention). So I am going to be posting any meals I cook, start something new on here.

So on my blog there will be;

– Experiences through Uni (my first year)

– Weekly Updates

– Recipes

– Life issues

– (Starting Soon) Updates on Uni when I start 2nd Year

– And maybe YouTube videos 😉 we will see!

I will be posting the first recipe blog either tonight or tomorrow so keep a look out for that!

See you soon 🙂


Weekly Update – 7th July 2014

Hey there everyone,

Figured I would write weekly ones as well, this will definitely keep me in the habit of doing these updates. With these I was thinking of just writing a bit about each day and then post it at the end of the week! Tell me what you think 🙂

The start of this week has not been the best to say the least! Came into labs after little sleep having been up all night researching, to find out I am not doing anything in the lab but more research (I am actually writing this bit instead of doing said research). Been looking at writing my introduction as my supervisor would like my paper to be published! For a first/ second year undergraduate (don’t know what I am called now…) to have your paper published is amazing and a huge deal! I have to find a ‘market / selling point’ for the idea we have. Thing is most papers are done over a long period of time of research and experimentation, like a year perhaps?! I have 6 weeks, to complete the experiments, write up the paper and get it published! :O how on Earth is this even possible. So yea, I am currently doing more research but I hope to be doing some microscopy soon, I will try and put up some of the pictures from that because they should hopefully look really cool!

Okay, so the microscopy is amazing! At first I was just getting used to it, on a normal one, because I have not done it in 2 years (I should point out that the microscopes I am using are not ones in schools, anyone can use them, these ones are high powered, fluorescence (hate spelling that word :@ ) microscopes worth a minimum of £80,000 upwards!), I took some images for practice before using the confocal microscope!

The confocal microscope take images of each layer depending on the thickness of the sample, and compresses the image. The samples were stained with a dye for visual help. I want to put some images to show you guys but the file is in a different format that cannot be converted. Just imagine a black screen with some green of different intensities in a nice pattern….

As I feel bad for not giving an image….here is an image that is mine, I took this 2 years ago. Basically its a bunch of cells (fibroblast cells), that has 3 stains in it which show green, blue and red (appears yellow here), image taken in each of the dyes and then compressed together to give below!

Stained Fibroblast cells, 3 images compressed together.

So aside from work, I did actually have fun…..granted not much in comparison to the amount of work done but I went to see ‘How to train your dragon 2‘!!!!!! It was amazing so good, if you have not seen the first one then see it and then see this one! For an animated film (targeted at young children) I loved it! I absolutely love DreamWorks and Disney films, I think I am still a big kid at heart! OMG, I might do a post on the best films ever! Maybe not, could be a lot of hate there….

But watching this film reminded me of the whole Disney theory, that actually all Disney movies are linked together in some way. I am not fully aware of the theory, or if it is true, or if its Disney just playing on the hardcore Disney fans but I think it’s really weird.

You must see ‘How to train your dragon 2‘ though, just go and see it!

I also went to play Bingo, with one of my best friends ever and my mum (it was her birthday), it was my first time going and I was told that all first timers win…..I was really excited to win (as a student the appeal of winning money is great) however it was not my luck! I was disappointed but nevertheless I had a great night! Well worth going for the experience!

Anyway, as I am finishing this post, instead of working, I need to get back to my work! Sorry for the images not working, or the ones I wanted to put up, feel bad.

Hope you liked this weekly update! If you like it please let me know, and if you want me to do more! Hopefully next week is more interesting….? :/

See you soon 😀