Dreaded Finances

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When going to Uni, unless your being supported by your parents, you will no doubt be applying for some sort of help such as student finance. If we take student finance england, as it may be different for other countries, you first get loan up to a certain amount then you get grant, the less your parents income is for the previous year, the more you get! Simple as.

Many people can get annoyed with student finances because it is not enough to support them through the year, and that there are many valid reasons for people saying that.

Accommodation in halls will be very expensive, depending on where you go and if your catered or not etc… it can be anything from £4000 – £6000 which is a lot of money.

(If you are unsure about how much you get of student finance always ring up and see how they calculate it)

Look out for bursaries and grants that you might be eligible for on your University, there is likely to be some that everyone is eligible for. Whether this is for getting certain grade requirements, disability funding or a bursary with similar requirements to student finance (based on income). There are many others so be sure to look out for them!

Managing your money is vital, try and work out how much you spend a week and limit yourself to that, save your money for a big reward like a holiday. If you live in self-catered accommodation try not to spend much on just snacking, eat proper, full meals (I really should take my own advice!). Make use of your freezer, cooking in bulk and freeze more portions for you, that is great when you are too tired to cook but still want something decent!

Try not to buy clothes as well…..for some reason, not having my parents around and having the independence made me spend more money than I would have liked, for some reason I opted to spend it on clothes. Honestly do not know why :/

Anyway that’s enough of me being weird!

Remember to look out for the added bursaries that Universities have to offer! That’s key, because nothing can really be done about the amount you get from the government.

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Applying to live in halls

Hey Everyone

A major part of applying to University is applying to live in halls. This is where everyone says you go for your first year at Uni to have the ‘halls experience’, and it is an experience that you should enjoy.

Choosing the right place to live is vital for you to enjoy your time at Uni, if you don’t like the place you won’t feel comfortable.

Make use of the accommodation open days that they have throughout your application year. Be sure to go round as many as you can. Briefly looking on the internet will give you an idea on ones you definitely want to look at.

However do not base your decisions just of looking on the internet, even if you find a video tour on their website do not take it as that is the place you will be living in, the likelihood is that is a showroom and will be the best place in the site which you will not get.

Things to consider when choosing where you want to live include;

Private accommodation vs. University halls.

Usually people will live in private accommodation after first year (which is what I am doing), renting a house with some friends with a lanlord who has been certified by the University. University halls are the usual place for first years to make friends etc…

One thing to bear in mind is that University halls are a LOT more expensive (in general) than private accommodation. I am saving around £2000 on rent from last year!

– Catered vs. Self Catered

If you are choosing to live in University halls, the next thing to decide on is if you want to cook yourself or have your food prepared for you. The food you get in catered is not the best, but it is reasonably healthy. Catered is more expensive because your food is getting cooked for you. In self catered (which I opted for) your accommodation will be cheaper, but you have to remember you will have to cook for yourself which will cost, budgeting is advisable for that.

– Ensuite vs Sharing 

I personally went for ensuite purely because I did not want to share a bathroom, this is something that is really just a preference. I spoke to a friend who shared 3 showers with 15 other people, yet there was never any problems in getting a shower or awkward encounters.

As you can see this is all mostly preference and cost, another thing to consider is the area which you live. You might want to think about the time it takes to get into Uni, if the area is considered safe etc…

No matter what, its all comes down to what you want from your experience. You will get several options so try to choose a range of places, wherever it is make sure its a place where you will be happy!

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The long summer wait!

After finishing college, it felt amazing to know that the stress of exams was over! (Believe me I was glad as I can get very stressed) There was 6 weeks of relaxation ahead of me just enjoying myself.

However, I was very wrong, as a stressful person I actually found myself stressing and worrying about the dreaded results day. Now, some people stress more than me others less so. So for some ‘perspective’ my level of stress was to the point where I was actually trying to find the papers I sat and go over them. It was bad because as time went on I forgot what I put so I became less confident which made the stressing worse!

Two things I would recommend;

1. Do not look on The Student Room! Now I find it a very useful site for finding revision sources and getting help with anything really, not just about the course. But once the exam is done do not look on it because you will find some people stressing, some ‘outline answers’ which I emphasize not to read as on occasion they can be wrong and maybe even the paper.

Most people will just want to forget, but if you are like me the temptation might be too great.

2. Go on holiday! Or do something outside of your house everyday! Whether it is meeting up with your mates, or working to earn money then do it, anything to take your mind of the exams!

After all that stressing, results day eventually came for me and I checked on UCAS that morning and found out I had got into my first choice to study at the University of Manchester! I was so excited I did not care what I did that day, like everything was just amazing. I could have probably gotten punched and not cared I was so happy!

If there is one message to take from this it would be to not stress and just have fun over the summer! Whatever happens will happen (I know that is a bit cliché)

Thanks for reading! 🙂

First Post…… :S

Hi there everyone,

Well this is my first ever attempt at writing something that more than my English class will see (maybe).

I guess I should do introductions, welcome to my blog as you may have already guessed its about student life. I just finished my first year, at the University of Manchester studying Science, so most of the early posts will be updates about that before it becomes more….personal? I don’t know, we will see where it goes!

I do want to say though that any opinions expressed by my posts are mine and should not really influence any preconceptions that you may have about either going to university or the experiences you may have there.

So, I know I want to talk about several things, the daunting wait before results and that summer, starting University, freshers week and many more…

That’s it for this first post but I will soon be posting a more relevant post soon! 🙂