What on Earth! :O

This is more of an apology than a post….

Really sorry for the lack of posts and the last one on things you should take to Uni, I just read it and realised how bad it was! I think I didn’t want to make a list and instead ending up just saying ‘clothes and stuff…’. It was terrible so my apologies.

I am going to do some recent one’s about my research or my week to get me in the habit of doing weekly updates which could work or not, but fear not I shall still try and do life posts and continue the one’s about my first year!

Please leave a comment on what you would like to see. It would be really appreciated and probably give me more confidence in my posts. And if a post is rubbish do tell me…but in a nice way…like ‘today was not your day’ or something like that….I’m waffling again…and I am gonna go before I embarrass myself even more….I’M SORRY!!!! 😦