Not again!

Hey guys!

So this week for us is freshers week! For many Universities the next few weeks will be hectic. From people moving into new houses or halls,  to supermarkets being packed with parents frantically buying their son/ daughter food like it’s the beginning of the apocalypse, and that is not even the worst part! To be fair, I am not surprised that parents get their child to stock up on food, likelihood is they will not last long in the first week if they didn’t get anything. It is after all the advantage of having your parents visit so make use of it.

This week is typically notorious for being primarily alcohol driven but also with the hope of trying to comfortably settle everyone into a new environment. It can be a difficult period meeting a bunch of strangers, but most Universities put on plenty of activities during both the day and night so people starting their first year need not be worried. And even if you are someone who does not drink alcohol then you can still have just as much fun at the events put on and not all are related to alcohol so don’t worry about that.

But as a second year now, I don’t think I have a different outlook on freshers because I am a second year, but I feel so different maybe because I have aged? Let me give an example, if someone asked me to go out into town with them for a night out 99% of the time I would tell them I am busy or have plans because the truth is I just want to eat a pizza and watch a film in bed, maybe some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (which I only recently had for the first time).

Personally, I think the idea of it wears off after a while and it becomes more of chore. But what do I know? Maybe I am doing it wrong! :L

Every year they seem to be trying to improve the FRESHERS EXPERIENCE, to make it memorable. When I first came we heard students opinions, these were 3rd, 4th year students and they all mentioned that their freshers experience was the best part of Uni!

If I am being completely honest I am not sure where I am going with this…infact I think I will just summarise my points below…

1. Freshers is starting this week

2. Supermarkets are packed this time of year, avoid them at all cost.

3. I like a pizza with all the meats on it and of course stuffed crust, a film and bed!

I think that is everything, I shall now take my leave!

See you later!




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