Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of these kind of posts, been a while since the last one.

Exams are a big part of your education unless you’re lucky to take a course that has no exams…hate them people (Jokes :P).

At University you are almost guaranteed to have less exams! That is for sure. You are very likely to have January season exams whereas at college, at least now, all exams are sat in the summer. I was lucky to be, I think, the final year allowed to sit January exams when taking A levels :L

Unfortunatley, most University exams are really long. Mine are all between 2-3 hours long. You will be surprised at how quickly that time goes. So you have less exams but longer ones, you might not know and this was certainly new for me, but you can actually leave the exam within a certain time period. You have to be there for the first like 15 minutes or so, and you are not allowed to leave 15 minutes before but anytime inbetween you can (Not sure about the exact times, but it depends on the length of the exam in the first place).

My experiences of exams at University for my first year have actually been good! In January I had one 3 hour exam, as my optional module consisted of 3 exams throughout the 1st semester (like midterms I believe). So, I think I had like 6 weeks to revise for it! I was pretty confident going into it….(not trying to sound cocky)….I am surprised at myself for not getting so stressed. If you recall from my posts related to stress that I am most certainly a stressful person when it comes to exams however I was not! It was definitely weird, although I cannot complain!

I think the thing to remember is the exams in your first year are there mainly to settle you in to Uni life, and to get you all up to the same level of knowledge as you will all have different backgrounds in that field.

When you go to University and you are about to sit exams, or you find out when they are, plan ahead. Most University courses are designed to be easily split down into smaller sections. For example, most of my modules were taken by 3 different lecturers on a different topic and so when revising for that exam. I could just learn 1 lecturers work, understand that before moving on. Planning ahead (a.k.a revision) allowed me to cover all the topics at a nice steady pace!

So, in summary… less but longer exams, its not all bad because they are only in the field you opted for. Try not to worry, they wont kill you as it’s only first year. Revision should be easy because the modules could be broken down into smaller separate sections.

Leave a comment to tell me about your experience of exams! What do you think of them? Do you prefer alternative methods of examination? Do you worry about them?

Hope it helps

Bye 😀


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