No more peer pressure! :O

Hey people!

As I said before in a previous post, coming to University meant I tried new things; alcohol, clubbing… not sleeping 😛

I was worried about this because most (not all) people I would be meeting have at least tried this. Therefore, it was possible that I might have been pressured into trying these new things.

Thankfully, I was not peer pressured into these things as I thought I would have been. Which is weird but I was very glad.

A few days after starting Uni, I found myself trying some cider. People were confused as to why I did not drink, I said I personally did not want to because I was never exposed to it via family, and well it was something I just never considered in life.

The reason why I decided to try some cider, was I felt that, as I was around new people who were really understanding of my ‘lack of experience’ and they were not forcing upon me, which I respected!.

With the clubbing situation I was more nervous about. Maybe because of that awkward feeling of expressing oneself through the form of ‘intoxicated dance’ ( I say intoxicated because sometimes when I went out I had little to drink ) and sometimes just ‘dance’. My flatmates made me feel comfortable though and said we would stay in a group. I prefer going with friends to have a good time and enjoy ourselves!

To this day, my alcohol tolerance is very low (I am a lightweight) which is very good as I do not have to spend a lot of money (#studentbudget). To clarify, I don’t drink alcohol like its water, I actually rarely drink, only when going out, and I do not do that often! But I reach a point where my brain tells me to just not drink anymore, so I don’t.

This is just me telling you how I am surprised at people, I felt that this topic of alcohol would be a great source of people being ‘egged on’ to drink, but it wasn’t! People can be peer pressured, not into what I have talked about, but a lot of things, drugs and smoking to name a few examples.

You guys might get pressured into things so let me know about your experiences of peer pressure, and how you dealt withit! I hope that if you are soon to be a fresher, that your new friends respect you.

See you around 🙂



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