Hello again!

Sorry about last week… not know what happened!

Anyway I want to share with you my freshers experience! It was very unusual and a bit scary, but fun… was weird.

So I moved in successfully, I found out that my flatmates who I met on a facebook group my halls, would not be moving in till 3 days after I had. I wanted to get away from home and just get there I was so excited.

There was a group of us, dotted around the halls, who were all on our own for the first few days so we decided to hang out and meet each other, make friends and see how it all goes. Now, let me point something out, up till now I have never tasted alcohol or been to a club! So we all sat in a cubicle thing, there was about 10 of us and everyone had pints of beers and lagers and there was me, the odd one out who had a can of tango cherry…….If you saw the scene it would have made you laugh, it was something that definitely broke the ice at any rate.

Things progressed for myself personally, I decided to try…..a half pint of pear cider, I thought, look its going to happen at some point and I’m with a few people here who are aware I am not much for the idea of alcohol. Anyway, I was actually scared, I decided to give half the half pint to my friend and then put a can of coca-cola in the quarter pint. I’m not sure why I did this, I think its because I wanted to dilute the 4% of alcohol even further. But I do have to say….IT TASTED NICE! People did not believe me but it really did!

During the day, I did not really do much, explore parts of the town around the Uni, I think I walked down oxford road which is one LONG STRAIGHT road with a few mates to see the place, it runs from what is known as the ‘curry mile’ (that is the actual street name just so you know) all the way to the arndale! Its a good 40 minute walk. I also did not eat anything apart from 2 pot noodles in the 3 days I was there alone for fear of burning the flat down. I am someone who can cook, yet I for some reason had a fear that I would destroy the place if I used more than the kettle. I did not even use the microwave :S

So my flatmates soon arrived, it was really chilled and not stressful for them, or awkward for any of us, we really broke the ice! That night we all went to the pub with a few others it was truly great. Then the official freshers started. I decided after my coke and cider (which made me hyper, I was told I was skipping the way back home) I would not drink for a while, and so my flatmates and I bought the freshers tickets and went out, I had never been clubbing before and to this day my ‘dance moves’ are mediocre at best, so I just ended copying my mate standing opposite me, there were different nights out and you experienced different places which was nice. By the end of it all, after 5 nights out in a row, I think I managed the whole clubbing scene!

Also the people I met before my flatmates I barely spoke to after, only kept in touch with one because were both studying the same thing! So to you, I would say try it, at least you can then say if you do like it or not. Alcohol is a subject I am not going to really touch on ‘what you should do’ it’s your decision, some people simply don’t want to for personal/ religious reasons, others do! Just be careful no matter what, try and have a good time and mix with lots of people. It is likely that you will not see some of those people again so do not fret!

Hope your freshers, when it comes is just as good!

See you soon!


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