You’re on your way to Uni!!!! :D

Hello people! 😀

As I said before, when results day arrived I was so nervous but when I found out I got into the University of Manchester I was so happy! 😀 However, for some of my friends, getting into their first choice did not happen so they either went into their second choice or if they did not get into there, reapplied through clearing!

If you go into clearing try not to fret! It does not mean the end of the world. You could maybe reapply to the University you wanted to go to but for a different course, maybe the same course but with an added foundation year! Or maybe the subject you applied for is not for you, and that you might want to try something else, some people opt to go into clearing and never apply in the first place simply because they do not know where they want to go, or what they want to study!

If you miss your first choice because you did not get the grades, and you are a few marks from the next grade, ring up the University they might reconsider. They only see the letter grade (B), they do not get your actual mark (479/600), so they would not know if it was a high or a low B!

The main thing is though, if you do not get your first choice, is not to panic! It will not help the situation at all!

Hope however, that you all do get into your first choice and good luck for August!



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