Dreaded Finances

Hello again everyone 🙂

When going to Uni, unless your being supported by your parents, you will no doubt be applying for some sort of help such as student finance. If we take student finance england, as it may be different for other countries, you first get loan up to a certain amount then you get grant, the less your parents income is for the previous year, the more you get! Simple as.

Many people can get annoyed with student finances because it is not enough to support them through the year, and that there are many valid reasons for people saying that.

Accommodation in halls will be very expensive, depending on where you go and if your catered or not etc… it can be anything from £4000 – £6000 which is a lot of money.

(If you are unsure about how much you get of student finance always ring up and see how they calculate it)

Look out for bursaries and grants that you might be eligible for on your University, there is likely to be some that everyone is eligible for. Whether this is for getting certain grade requirements, disability funding or a bursary with similar requirements to student finance (based on income). There are many others so be sure to look out for them!

Managing your money is vital, try and work out how much you spend a week and limit yourself to that, save your money for a big reward like a holiday. If you live in self-catered accommodation try not to spend much on just snacking, eat proper, full meals (I really should take my own advice!). Make use of your freezer, cooking in bulk and freeze more portions for you, that is great when you are too tired to cook but still want something decent!

Try not to buy clothes as well…..for some reason, not having my parents around and having the independence made me spend more money than I would have liked, for some reason I opted to spend it on clothes. Honestly do not know why :/

Anyway that’s enough of me being weird!

Remember to look out for the added bursaries that Universities have to offer! That’s key, because nothing can really be done about the amount you get from the government.

That’s it for now

See you next time!



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