Stress – How to deal with it!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all well,

As I said in my previous post, I got very stressed over the summer up until my A Level results.

Stress can sometimes be difficult to deal with because, well…. not many people know how to deal with it! I stressed about results, about the exams, about ‘what would happen if I fail?’.

So here are some of my tips on how to deal with stress;

1. Try not to worry – It’s easy for me to say this if you are someone who stresses, but I found the more I worried the more I stressed. Genuinely, do something else if you are worrying about something. Take a break. Go back to it once you have calmed down, and thought things through away from the situation. It’s like, looking at it from a different perspective almost.

2. Managing your time – at University I really learnt that this was key! It is vital that you manage your time. If you set 2 hours to a certain task, do the 2 hours and no more. If you spend all day on one thing, say a project or coursework, you will lose focus, and not retain any of the information. And then you might stress because that time could have been spent doing other things so the stress and the worrying kicks in and then you have a meltdown!

3. Talk to someone – talking to someone, your friend or a relative, can be a great way to de-stress, they can possibly give you new ideas or help you take your mind of it all.

4. Try more sleep/ get a routine – I can guarantee you will have a love-hate relationship with sleep at Uni, the lack of sleep after the famous ‘all-nighter’ will kill you, and believe me you are very likely to do one! But then you will find yourself ‘napping’ after lectures. This messes up your body clock like crazy. Best thing to do is not to do an ‘all nighter’ but have a routine where you can still have a good social life yet get your work done and maybe even be in bed before 9 PM 😛

5. Do something new – trying something new that you have never done before but might enjoy is a great way to take your mind of things, you will look forward to it and it might mean you get all your work done so you won’t feel so bad about it. You could maybe try a new sport, join a new society. Anything!

They are just a few of the experiences/ things that I tried to do to not stress too much! And they actually worked, they worked for me and I hope that they could work for you.

A lot of the techniques I found to deal with stress came from the internet so below I have linked some sites that can hopefully help you! 🙂

This is from the NHS, it’s also useful for tips on dealing with anxiety and depression;

Practical ways of dealing with stress;

Changing the way you deal with stress;

You yourself know how and why you might stress, and you are the person who knows what is the best way with dealing with it.

Thanks for reading,

See you next time!




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