Applying to live in halls

Hey Everyone

A major part of applying to University is applying to live in halls. This is where everyone says you go for your first year at Uni to have the ‘halls experience’, and it is an experience that you should enjoy.

Choosing the right place to live is vital for you to enjoy your time at Uni, if you don’t like the place you won’t feel comfortable.

Make use of the accommodation open days that they have throughout your application year. Be sure to go round as many as you can. Briefly looking on the internet will give you an idea on ones you definitely want to look at.

However do not base your decisions just of looking on the internet, even if you find a video tour on their website do not take it as that is the place you will be living in, the likelihood is that is a showroom and will be the best place in the site which you will not get.

Things to consider when choosing where you want to live include;

Private accommodation vs. University halls.

Usually people will live in private accommodation after first year (which is what I am doing), renting a house with some friends with a lanlord who has been certified by the University. University halls are the usual place for first years to make friends etc…

One thing to bear in mind is that University halls are a LOT more expensive (in general) than private accommodation. I am saving around £2000 on rent from last year!

– Catered vs. Self Catered

If you are choosing to live in University halls, the next thing to decide on is if you want to cook yourself or have your food prepared for you. The food you get in catered is not the best, but it is reasonably healthy. Catered is more expensive because your food is getting cooked for you. In self catered (which I opted for) your accommodation will be cheaper, but you have to remember you will have to cook for yourself which will cost, budgeting is advisable for that.

– Ensuite vs Sharing 

I personally went for ensuite purely because I did not want to share a bathroom, this is something that is really just a preference. I spoke to a friend who shared 3 showers with 15 other people, yet there was never any problems in getting a shower or awkward encounters.

As you can see this is all mostly preference and cost, another thing to consider is the area which you live. You might want to think about the time it takes to get into Uni, if the area is considered safe etc…

No matter what, its all comes down to what you want from your experience. You will get several options so try to choose a range of places, wherever it is make sure its a place where you will be happy!

That’s it for now,

See you later!



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