The long summer wait!

After finishing college, it felt amazing to know that the stress of exams was over! (Believe me I was glad as I can get very stressed) There was 6 weeks of relaxation ahead of me just enjoying myself.

However, I was very wrong, as a stressful person I actually found myself stressing and worrying about the dreaded results day. Now, some people stress more than me others less so. So for some ‘perspective’ my level of stress was to the point where I was actually trying to find the papers I sat and go over them. It was bad because as time went on I forgot what I put so I became less confident which made the stressing worse!

Two things I would recommend;

1. Do not look on The Student Room! Now I find it a very useful site for finding revision sources and getting help with anything really, not just about the course. But once the exam is done do not look on it because you will find some people stressing, some ‘outline answers’ which I emphasize not to read as on occasion they can be wrong and maybe even the paper.

Most people will just want to forget, but if you are like me the temptation might be too great.

2. Go on holiday! Or do something outside of your house everyday! Whether it is meeting up with your mates, or working to earn money then do it, anything to take your mind of the exams!

After all that stressing, results day eventually came for me and I checked on UCAS that morning and found out I had got into my first choice to study at the University of Manchester! I was so excited I did not care what I did that day, like everything was just amazing. I could have probably gotten punched and not cared I was so happy!

If there is one message to take from this it would be to not stress and just have fun over the summer! Whatever happens will happen (I know that is a bit cliché)

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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