First Post…… :S

Hi there everyone,

Well this is my first ever attempt at writing something that more than my English class will see (maybe).

I guess I should do introductions, welcome to my blog as you may have already guessed its about student life. I just finished my first year, at the University of Manchester studying Science, so most of the early posts will be updates about that before it becomes more….personal? I don’t know, we will see where it goes!

I do want to say though that any opinions expressed by my posts are mine and should not really influence any preconceptions that you may have about either going to university or the experiences you may have there.

So, I know I want to talk about several things, the daunting wait before results and that summer, starting University, freshers week and many more…

That’s it for this first post but I will soon be posting a more relevant post soon! 🙂


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